2nd ThatFellow Awards: Best Posters and Trailers

Don’t judge a movie by its trailer nor its poster, but how can we not? Those two are parts of the marketing of a movie. If you can’t sell, people won’t see. Lucky for these ten (10) movies, they have really good-looking posters although some of them are not as good as their posters. And for bonus, check out 5 best trailers from 2012 that made me want to play them over and over again. Last year my picks for best poster and trailer were The Tree of Life and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, respectively. See if this year can top that.


1. Killing Them Softly


For being so minimalistic, yet still artistic. It neatly lists the cast names and the director, so while you figure out what this poster tells you, you know who’s in the film.

2. The Cabin In the Woods


For matching the film’s crazy and ming-boggling plot.

3. Moonrise Kingdom


For having last year’s best font.

4. ParaNorman


For looking like a old school horror movie poster.

5. John Carter


For being simply what a fantasy movie poster should look like.

6. The Master


For being as ambiguous as the movie itself.

7. The Dark Knight Rises


For teasing the epic scale of the end of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

8. Wreck-It Ralph


For staying true to the movie’s characters and setting.

9. Skyfall


For being a stylish action James Bond movie poster.

10. Chronicle


For teasing what those three flying small silhouettes mean.

Best Trailer:

Anna Karenina

The cinematography! The lavish costumes! Not only the trailer music gives me goosebumps, but it feels like this trailer has a climax.


It’s only a minute long, but the fast cut and editing plus the shrieking in the background make this trailer so memorable.

Cloud Atlas

The opposite of the Prometheus trailer, this one is 5 minutes long and the first time I saw it I still had no clue what it was about. It looks intriguing and it has perfectly chosen background music.

Moonrise Kingdom

It has a nice attention-grabbing opening and the french music in the background makes it more appealing.

Laurence Anyways

Long movie needs long trailer. Plus the music by Moderat makes the trailer more exciting to watch.


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