Top 5 Movie Pet Peeves

1. When a character is talking while driving and doesn’t pay attention to the road.

I remember watching Alfonso Cuaron’s Y Tu Mama Tambien and there is a scene where the three characters are on a car for a trip. One of them is driving (duh) and they are having a conversation and even more Cuaron films that scene in one long take. I bring up this film because it is an example where the driver talk and drive as if they are really on the road. There are films where the characters turn their heads for a good amount of time that is enough to get them into an accident. Unless that is the film’s intention to kill off the character, please drive safely.

2. When a villain gives a monologue or waste time by screaming and etc. before killing someone.

One recent example that comes to mind instantly is SPOILER in The Dark Knight Rises where Marion Cotillard’s character reveals her true identity. Her character spends a good time either before or after –I don’t remember this– she stabs Batman. Either way, it’s not realistic and stupid. When you want to kill someone it means you hate the victim, so why bother explaining your reason and or teaching them you evil plan?

3. When the family members have different accents.

I’m no expert when it comes to identifying accents, but there are movies where the mother is speaking with British accent and the daughter is using American accent. Unless they are actually not blood-related, this is unforgivable. If the family members don’t look alike to each other, that is still understandable because I think it’s hard. But to tell the actors to use the same accent, it’s not that hard. It’s a must. Either you use one accent, or you don’t.

4. When the character makes irrational decision.

“But movie characters are just like us, they have flaws!” “Maybe they forget” “That’s the writer’s intention” Unless the character is a robot or an alien, I expect them to make humane decision. I don’t expect them to be perfect, but sometimes writers modify the characters’ decision so that it fits later scene or the storyline. One example comes to mind is in Prometheus where Noomi Rapace’s and Charlize Theron’s characters are running away from gigantic U-shape space plane rolling towards them. I know that it’s critical life and death moment for them, but if you are really running away from that thing you should run to other direction but in front of the killing thing.

5. When an emotional scene accompanied by rousing score to make us either feel sad or lifted up.

This happens mostly in Steven Spielberg’s score and the guilty party is John Williams, but there are other recent movies that shamelessly try to make us cry or feel sad and pity. Example is The Impossible starring Naomi Watts, it’s a very emotional film that even without using music score it’s still gonna be awfully sad. But the film uses sappy score for its emotional scene that you really notice its presence and what it’s trying to do to you. Sometimes the score also tries to make you feel inspired or lifted up and an example is The Amazing Spider-Man where later in the film construction workers are moving the cranes so Spidey can swing away faster. Not only it’s stupid, but it’s also a scene where Spidey finally comes back to save the day and in the background there is a music score that is not only so bothering, but also identifiable on who the composer is, none other than James Horner.

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