Cinematography in “Gattaca”

Cinematography by Slawomir Idziak (Director of Photography)

Although Gattaca is a sci-fi film, it doesn’t rely heavily on special effect. The production design already makes up for it and that’s why it was nominated for Best Art Direction at the Oscar. But another thing that makes this film one of the best looking sci-fi films ever is the cinematography work by DP Slawomir Idziak whose only Oscar nomination is for Black Hawk Down.

His wide shots show us the perfect surroundings the characters live in. It evokes the feeling of desire but how shallow the society is in this film. With his medium close-ups, Idziak successfully makes us feel empathy towards the characters. And with his extreme close-ups like the opening sequence, he shows us what important players they are these  shredded skins, blood, fingernail, and eye-lashes. Gattaca is stunning sci-fi film by director Andrew Niccol and with the help of his production designer and also cinematographer, this film becomes a haunting sci-fi film.

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