Best Posters of 2011

I list them in order of how bad I want to hang them on my bedroom wall. Here they are…


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo / The Rum Diary

It’s an honorable mention because it’s neither the official poster or teaser. It’s an awesome artwork by KellerHouse. Instead of putting Daniel Craig inside Rooney Mara’s head like the official poster, it shows half of Craig and half of Mara in silhouette. Simple, minimalist, yet it’s awesome and I want to have it.

As for The Rum Diary (design by The Refinery), I haven’t seen the movie, but the first promo poster is really creative showing the rum bottles instead of a big giant face of Johnny Depp to sell the movie.

TOP 10:

10. My Week With Marilyn

design by PLANETFAB

It just shows one of the scenes in the movie, but it’s the most suited one. A scene of Marilyn with Colin Clarke surrounded by journalists and photographers. It creates the nuance of how busy and important Marilyn is. A perfect way to describe this iconic actress.

9. The Ides of March

design by Ignition Print

You want to sell a movie starring two handsome actors, but you still want to make it apealing. This is how you do it. Not only the two actors get fair share, the poster also shows how Gosling is a part of Clooney’s character in the movie. Then you put the tagline on the magazine cover. Clever!

8. One Day

design by Mojo

As for One Dayhow romantic is the poster? Perfect color tone all together with the clothes showing this doesn’t happen in modern days. An instant moment. An instant love at first sight when I saw it.

 7. We Need To Talk About Kevin

There are some posters made for this film and they are quite good to show the coldness and chillness in the film. But this one shows it with a white background contrasting to the actual tone of the poster where Tilda is actually crying and her tears are part of the rains as if the poster is a wet window on a rainy day.

6. Young Adult

design by BLT & Associates

Jason Reitman’s movies posters never disappoint, this one included. Charlize Theron’s character is actually a Young Adult book writer and the poster uses that as a reference where she is the subject of the novel on the poster. Although we don’t get to see Theron’s beautiful face, at least the poster makes it up with its colorful and creative design putting Reitman and Diablo Cody’s names strategically.

5. Drive

design by The Refinery

Yes, I want to hang this on the wall so bad! Although I was not impressed by the movie, this one just looks tough and sexy. All with the retro font in pink. You just wanna come home with Gosling waiting for you in this pose.

4. Carnage

design by monsieur x studio

An Andy Warhol-like poster showing the four actors in 3 different moods. Although this French poster doesn’t use the tagline in the dull American poster which is “A comedy of no manner”, it’s the perfect one to show how they will go through a lot of moods in 80 minutes. Colorful with the credits on the border so it doesn’t take up big portion of the poster. Love, love, love it.

3. Meek’s Cutoff

For a really small indie film, Meek’s Cutoff has a really kick-ass poster. It shows Michelle Williams in the most intense scene in the film animated. The font and the color are just perfect.

2. Shame

design by Mark Carroll

I’m not sure if this is the official poster or just a teaser, but it’s a winning one. By not showing face of the hot Hollywood asset, Michael Fassbender, the poster draws curiousity of what the bed sheet means. What has it got to do with the title, “Shame”? When you see the opening scene, you’d go, “Ahh, this explains it.”

Nat from The Film Experience has a better a idea for me if I got this poster

1. The Tree of Life

design by Mark Carroll

Wow a movie starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and it just shows a freaking foot of a baby! Brave move. Although I’d appreciate it even more if Hunter McCracken mentioned somewhere (since his part is 1000% bigger than Sean Penn). But look at the baby’s foot. Could it be a reference where birth is the starting point of everything in this life? Still it looks so calm and you just can’t not falling in love with it, cos I did first time I saw it.

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