Best of 2011: Opening and Ending


MELANCHOLIA – “World Ends In Slow Motion”Lars von Trier gives us the depressing ending at the beginning with the slow motion montage. You know now this film is no happy ending.

A DANGEROUS METHOD –  “The Screaming Carriage”David Cronenberg opens the film with a carriage carrying Keira in her hysteric mode laughing maniacally. It follows right away with the first session of the talking cure and Cronenberg succeeds in making us uncomfortable.

DRIVE – “The Car Heist”It’s car heist, but the robbing looks so slick. Either it’s the scorpion jacket, Gosling’s calm face, L.A’s night skyline, or the score by Cliff Martinez.

HUGO – “Paris In Scenery Porn”Oh Scorsese, you know I love scenery porn. And it’s old Paris in 3D! Then the camera zooms up into the train station passing through the crown only to find a small face hiding behind the big clock.

A SEPARATION – “Court Room”This talking opening reminds me of The Social Network. It tells us right away the background problem and the characteristics of the two main characters.

TAKE SHELTER – “The First Dream”There is a quote this film used when it opened in 2011. It said that “the film will blow your mind by the opening scene.” It’s true though.


LAST NIGHT – “Say What?”Say what? What did she say? The film cuts off abruptly leaving the audience wondering what Keira Knightley’s character would say to her husband. Will she confess? Will she say “I Love You” back?

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE – “Who’s Following?”Not only Olsen’s character is getting paranoid, the final scene leaves us wondering if we’re feeling what she’s feeling or we’re just exaggerating.

LIKE CRAZY – “The Final Shower”This is what we call a bitter end. At least that’s how it seems after Jones’ character leaves her boyfriend standing alone in the unfinished shower. Are they good? Or will she leave him for good?

TAKE SHELTER – “It’s Happening”Ah, told you it was coming. That’s probably what Shannon’s character would say to all the naysayers in the film. But whatever, the ending left me jaw-dropped seeing what’s finally happening.

MELANCHOLIA – “The Collision”We know this is how it ends, but still it feels wow watching the mysterious planet crashing into the earth while Dunst and the gang holding hands together leaving their fate in the last minutes.

A SEPARATION – “Waiting For An Answer”It opens without an answer and it ends without a real answer. Who the daughter would choose to live with? The father or the mother? We wait and wait and wait and wait…

WARRIOR – “Tap! Tap!”It’s a very touching final scene that when Tom Hardy finally taps, you can’t help but cheering for the two of them. Someone gets rich and the cold air between the brothers is finally gone.

ANOTHER EARTH – “Meet Another You”Nothing. Just got back from work. It all feels good. Wait what is that? Oh no it’s another me from another earth. Well that’s unsettling.

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